Safeguard your credit with Mastercard ID Theft Protection

There’s no charge – and signing up takes just minutes

Your BlackRidgeBANK Debit Mastercard now includes Mastercard ID Theft Protection™, a powerful suite of services to help protect you from identity theft – and restore your good name if your identity has been compromised.

This benefit is exclusively for you, at no extra cost, from BlackRidgeBANK. Signing up takes just minutes, and the peace of mind it provides can be immeasurable. (This new benefit now replaces the Price Protection feature, which has expired as of July 1, 2019.)

Sign Up Today – take advantage of these powerful tools to safeguard your personal financial information.

Identity Monitoring & ID Theft Alerts

Uses automated tracking and human intelligence to ensure your personal information hasn’t been compromised or bought or sold online. Monitors the dark web for your Social Security Number, email address, credit/debit cards, bank account numbers, web logins, medical insurance cards, drivers’ license, loyalty cards, passport number, vehicle insurance cards and more.

One-Bureau Credit Monitoring

Tracks your TransUnion credit report and alerts you of any changes could indicate fraud, including new credit inquiries, address changes or new accounts opened in your name. You can easily review details, close out legitimate activity and/or flag reports that require attention.

Financial Account Takeover Alerts

Monitors your activity with 300+ of the nation’s largest companies to uncover and thwart attempts to take over your accounts. Information monitored includes your credit card accounts, bank accounts, brokerage accounts, healthcare portals, workplace intranets, peer-to-peer fund transfers and more.

Expert Resolution and Restoration Service

Certified resolution specialists can assist you 24/7 if you become a victim of identity theft. They’ll help with credit notification and follow-up, credit freezes, law enforcement communications, IRS identity theft services, affidavit submission, legal and financial counseling, emergency cash assistance, lost wallet assistance, fraud alert placement and more.

Identity protection at your fingertips – at no charge to you

Once you’ve enrolled and activated Mastercard ID Theft Protection, your information is displayed in an easy-to-read online dashboard and portal, so you can quickly respond to suspicious-activity alerts right from your computer or mobile device.

You also receive a monthly Identity Risk newsletter with a graded snapshot of your digital exposure and personalized tips to better secure your personal information.

Sign Up Today

Mastercard has partnered with CSID®, an industry leader in identity protection and fraud detection services, to bring you Mastercard ID Theft Protection.