Helping the Fargo Public Schools Foundation


(Becky Bakke, Katie Anderson, Diana Chase)

Many elementary students go without breakfast and rely on the Got No Milk program that gives students milk mid-morning and helps them focus. Many families are unable to afford the mid-morning milk, which is sometimes the student’s only source of nutrition until lunch, and the number of students needing assistance continues to increase every year. Diana Chase and Katie Anderson, on behalf of BlackRidgeBANK, were pleased to present a check for $2,000.00 to the Fargo Public Schools Foundation to help many local students receive milk through the Got No Milk program. 

Giving Back to the Baxter Community at the Riverside Elementary School

Darren Larson, John Clark
(Darren Larsen with Principal John Clark)

On Wednesday, November 18th, Darren Larsen and Holly Brandt, two BlackRidgeBANK employees from our Baxter, MN branch, attended Riverside Elementary School’s weekly meeting that included about 30 staff members and their Principal John Clark. Riverside Elementary provides education services to some of the lower income families in the area through a milk program and a healthy snack program to promote strong bodies and minds in the young students. Some children struggle to participate in these programs due to cost. On behalf of BlackRidgeBANK, Darren presented a check for $2,000.00 to help cover the costs of these programs for those struggling families.

“Our communities are what make us strong and viable, and to be able to give back in such an impactful way makes me proud to be a member of BlackRidgeBANK!” – Holly Brandt, Credit Administration Manager for BlackRidgeBANK-Baxter


Important Message About the Recent Retailer Data Breaches

When you hear about a data breach it is good to know that we continually work to protect your account. We have sophisticated fraud monitoring tools that actively monitor your debit card activity for abnormal spending patterns. Should we have concerns, we will contact you. If we see something unusual, we move fast to keep your debit card and your personal information safe. Plus, your account is protected with zero liability*, which means you are not responsible for unauthorized transactions made to your account if you notify us promptly. Zero liability does not apply to business debit cards. We strongly advise you to review your account activity frequently and immediately notify us of any suspicious activity. If you have questions regarding your BlackRidgeBANK debit card, please contact your local branch for assistance.

* Certain conditions and limitations may apply.