Products to meet your business savings goals

At BlackRidgeBANK, we make it easy with a simple lineup of savings products. These accounts are safe, secure, and ideal for both long and short-term business investing goals. When it comes to finding the right account, let our professional staff help you. CDs from BlackRidgeBANK provide a safe, flexible way for your business to generate competitive returns on your cash. Our CDs are FDIC-insured and offer competitive interest rates at a variety of terms.

  Business Savings Business Money Market**
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Interest Earned Yes Yes
Opening Balance Requirement $500 $2,500
Minimum Balance/Service Charge $500/$10.00 per month if below minimum balance $2,500/$20.00 per month if below minimum balance
Checks Available   Yes
ATM Cards* Yes Yes
*Subject to approval.  
**Per federal regulation, no more than 6 monthly  withdrawals or transfers to another account of yours or  to a third party  by preauthorized or automatic transfer or telephone transfer, computer transfer, or by check  or similar order to a third party.