Get more from your cash

Cash is king in every business. Make your cash work harder with cash management services from BlackRidgeBANK. Our bank provides products and services to help you improve cash flow, earn more interest and spend less time processing payments and managing cash balances.

Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit business checks without leaving your office. With Remote Deposit Capture you simply scan checks on your desktop scanner and securely and electronically deposit them into your BlackRidgeBANK account. That means you make fewer trips to the bank saving you time and gas money, and your funds can be available faster.

Sweep Services

Improve cash flow and earn more interest with Sweep Services, which will electronically move your surplus cash into higher-yielding deposit accounts or reduce your loan balances.

  • Loan Sweep automatically uses your surplus cash to reduce the principal on your line of credit, eliminating the need to manually move surplus cash. It also advances funds into your account to cover a deficit balance.

Merchant Services

Need new business technology? BlackRidgeBANK offers point-of-sale terminals and more. Our knowledgeable, professional staff can provide the right technology for your business needs.

Zero Balance/Target Balance Account (ZBA)

Manage your cash by consolidating it from many different accounts. Zero Balance/Target Balance services from BlackRidgeBANK can eliminate excess or idle cash balances, helping you earn additional interest. It can also reduce the chance of costly overdrafts and the need to monitor numerous accounts.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

ACH is the electronic equivalent to checks—except that it’s faster, more convenient and more secure. Use this paperless service to quickly make and receive payments and manage cash more efficiently.

  • ACH Credit allows you to electronically make payments to consumers, corporate customers and suppliers.
  • ACH Payroll Direct Deposit is an easy way to make payments directly into an employee’s checking or savings account. Use for payroll, expense reimbursements, bonuses, pensions and other employee payments.
  • ACH Debit allows you to electronically collect payments from consumers and corporate accounts.


*May be subject to enrollment and/or approval